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Image from RISE and Apples joint White paper - Cellulose foams: Sustainable solutions to replace fossil-based plastic foams.

Cellulose foam

BioGatewayApr 26, 2024

A new bio-based packaging material, cellulose foam, is being developed in a collaboration of RISE…

Sustainable wood nanotechnologies

Sustainable wood nanotechnologies

BioGatewayFeb 22, 2024

The evolution of trees over approximately 300 million years has resulted in over 60,000 woody…

The piece of glass in the photo was made from wood. (Photo credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service)

Transparent wood

BioGatewayFeb 22, 2024

An outstanding bio-alternative to traditional glass Product and industry Transparent wood is a relatively new…

Lignin-based batteries

Lignin-based batteries

BioGatewayFeb 20, 2024

A new nature-based solution for carbon storage A magic byproduct Lignocellulosic biomass, composed of lignin,…


Wood foam: from low-value fibers to game-changer materials

BioGatewayFeb 9, 2024

Origin of wood foam The development of wood foam, inspired by biomimicry principles, marks a…